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Irrigation Repairs Sutherland Shire

Cutgrass lawns & irrigation provide maintenance and irrigation repairs in Sutherland Shire and throughout Sydney. We know how important it is to keep your irrigation system up and running. Contact us for recommended regular maintenance.

Why does my irrigation system require maintenance? Irrigation systems, being outdoor installations, are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. Regular irrigation system maintenance is more cost effective in the long run, saving you money on water bills and costly repairs from neglecting the system.

Irrigation repairs and maintenance Sutherland Shire

After your irrigation system installation, we always recommend regular irrigation system maintenance. Keeping your irrigation system in good working order is always more beneficial for your garden and cost effective than allowing an irrigation system to get into a state to disrepair. If you irrigation system is not working the way you would expect, or you feel there need to be some changes to the system, please get into touch before the health of your garden is compromised.

irrigation repairs Sutherland Shire and Sydney
irrigation repairs sutherland shire broken pipe

How to maintain your irrigation system

Check for broken sprinkler heads

Broken or missing sprinkler heads will affect the distribution of your irrigation system. This will lead to some parts of your lawn missing out on water, and other parts receiving more water than they need. In the long term these over watered wet spots will impede the roots function and affect your lawns health.

Adjust the direction and angle of your sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads can be knocked by pets, kids playing or even the lawnmower. This results in the sprinkler distributing more water in an area that wasn’t intended. Regular checking the direction and angle will keep your irrigation system functioning the way it was intended.

Adjust system timers to meet seasonal plant needs

During different times of the year, your garden and lawns require different amounts of water. During a rainy winter, the water required from your irrigation will decrease. Likewise, during a hot summer your plants will require extra water. Make sure your system is adjusted accordingly. A smart irrigation system can help with this!

Check for blockages

Blockages can be a common problem, especially with older irrigation systems. As the plants in your garden grow they can squash the irrigation pipes.

Check that system filters are clear

As part of a regular maintenance plan, the system filters should be checked to ensure the irrigation system is running at full potential. A clogged filter will slow the water supply. Filters on pop-up sprinklers should be clear as well, otherwise they won’t cover the required spray distance.

Irrigation Repairs Sutherland Shire & Sydney

While regular maintenance should keep your irrigation system in good order, as your garden grows & system ages you may come across some of the issues listed below. Depending on the type of irrigation system you have you may come across different issues. We are available to troubleshoot & repair all types of garden and lawn irrigation systems, regardless of if they were installed by us. We carry out irrigation system repairs across the Sutherland Shire and throughout Sydney.

Common irrigation system problems:

  • broken pipes
  • broken sprinkler heads
  • replacing filters
  • replacing solenoids
  • broken wires
  • locate wires underground
  • assessing incorrect water distribution
  • replace rain sensors
  • replace old or faulty controller units
  • low water pressure at sprinter heads
  • leaking around a zone valve
  • leaking around a sprinkler head
  • old irrigation system requires replacing

You can read more about common irrigation issues and how to fix them at the Living Water Smart website

irrigation repairs Sutherland Shire
irrigation repairs sutherland shire broken pipe