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Irrigation Installation Sutherland Shire

Cutgrass lawns & Irrigation specialise in irrigation system installation in the Sutherland Shire, St George area and throughout Sydney. We have an excellent reputation among home owners, property managers and businesses in the local area. Cutgrass lawns & irrigation are certified to both design & install a range of irrigation systems. With over 12 years working in the local area, we are happy to provide advice and suggestions on what irrigation systems and lawn solutions will be best for your home or business.

Why should you install an irrigation system ? Irrigation systems save time, save water, and result in a healthier garden & lawn

Drip Irrigation system installation

Drip Irrigation ( trickle irrigation ) is one of the most popular types of home irrigation systems at the moment. Drip irrigation works by slowly dripping water into the area where the water is needed. It is setup with a network of pipes and specialised drippers. These drippers deliver the water exactly where is needed – the plants roots. This minimises water wastage. Drip irrigation is also more suited to certain types of plants. For example, roses prefer drip irrigation as spray irrigation can bring on black spot & scale. Bromeliads are the opposite! read on to see what system they prefer.

drip irrigation installation Sutherland Shire

Spray Irrigation system installation

Spray or sprinkler irrigation systems are also very popular. Again, a network of pipes is setup, and the water is delivered via a fine spray to a specific area. Multiple sprinkler heads are connected to pipes to water different area of the garden. Sprinkler heads may sit above ground or pop-up when the system initialises. Spray irrigation has its place in the garden. For example, bromeliads like to have spray irrigation as they store the water in the top of the plant.

irrigation installation Sutherland Shire - spray / sprinkler irrigation

Blended Irrigation

Sometimes different areas of a garden require a different type of irrigation systems. In these cases, a mix of both drip and spray irrigation may be the solution.

Smart Irrigation

Regardless of the garden irrigation system you choose, they can all be made into ‘smart’ systems. Essentially this means integrating sophisticated, programmable controllers. This will allow you to manage irrigation zones as well as start and stop times according to the weather. We have experience in installing numerous smart irrigation systems including Rain Bird & Hunter Irrigations systems.

Book Irrigation Installation Sutherland Shire

Thinking about getting a garden Irrigation System Installation in the Sutherland Shire or Sydney metropolitan area ? Get in touch so we can discuss a solution that will suit your needs. The type of system required will depend on a number of factors. This includes what type of plants you have in your garden & the layout of your space to be irrigated.

Irrigation Installation Service Areas:

We provide irrigation installation & repair services all throughout Sydney and the Sutherland Shire including:

Irrigation Installation Gymea, Irrigation Installation Cronulla, Irrigation Installation Como, Irrigation Installation Oyster Bay, Irrigation Installation Caringbah, Irrigation Installation Miranda, Irrigation Installation Kurnell, Irrigation Installation Jannali, Irrigation Installation Sylvania, Irrigation Installation Sylvania Waters, Irrigation Installation Hurstville, Irrigation Installation Heathcote, Irrigation Installation Menai, Irrigation Installation Rockdale & all Sydney metropolitan areas.